sehr inspirierende Gedanken zur Energie Liebe, zu Eifersucht, Inspiration u.a. aus: Antonella Zara: The science of passion:  

In the case of love, which is of interest to us, this is even more obvious, even though everyone is going through hell for not grasping this. If your own bodies are nothing more than a loan made from life, how could you say that you “possess” anyone else’s body? I’ll tell you: love a lot, love with insanity, but never try to possess one another. When you do that, you start to kill love.


Sometimes you feel a passion and love that is so strong, that it is as if you felt eternity itself. And you truly feel it! Every great love happens because of the respective wishes of the two souls involved to meet and love one another, or every love is born from the divine and eternal part, in each one of you and that’s why it can’t “die”. What changes is passion, passion is what guides us through physical reality and it’s what you have to follow to be able to self realize.


            Wait a minute. Everything is becoming very confusing. Love is eternal, while passion is temporary? What is love and passion between men and women? How do you discern between them? What are their deep meanings?


            I am love. It’s the eternal energy from where everything is born; it’s a piece of me that you can taste in everything that exists. You only have to focus your attention on the beauty of what you have in front of you, and you will feel love, and you will see me. This is eternal, unbreakable, and unchanging. That’s why, when you feel love for someone, you are experiencing something divine, you are celebrating the divine part in both of you, making yourselves more complete, making yourselves happy, making me happy. This is tremendous. And this is love.


            Passion is the strongest loving vibration that any of you could feel. Passion, in a quality scale, is the most vibrating love, the one that transforms you the most. Passion is love, or me in movement, it’s the love that is expressed, it’s the love that is born, grows, dies, and transforms, is reborn, and so forth. Passion is the changing and changeable, like life itself. Passion is the indispensable expression of love and life, and it’s the “Leitfaden”, the guideline, it’s the most important sign that you have to follow. Human life, it could be said, is a great passion. Passion is the “sparkle” that happens when a fusion of thought and emotion occurs; it’s the dispersed attention manifesting itself through all of the organs.


            Pay attention to this, because it’s a very important point. Love is in everything, because I am love, and I am everything, so love never dies. However all of you, as human characters, even though you are interconnected with everything, still have to direct your love, or the energy within, at every moment. Since you find yourselves in a dimension where everything is temporary, you have to come to understand that it’s futile to attach yourselves to others, to objects, even to life itself. Love a lot, take good care, vibrate a lot, but don’t get attached. When you understand this subtle balance between love and attachment, when you feel it, you will start to experience a very, very strong love. This love is a consciousness of the value of every moment, this love is passion.


Passion is not a sickness; passion is the sharpest state of consciousness that one could reach, it’s what everyone craves; it’s what you don’t want to believe while going through it because it’s so strong and magical. The thing that transforms passion into sickness are your own fears, and the fact that you know that passion informs you that to live a full life, you’d have to completely change your narrow lives!


            Read this carefully: the great objective of human life is to learn, to remember, to live with passion! You know that state of alpha and omega that you find yourselves in when you are in love? That’s it, this is the state that you want to maintain and one day you will be able to maintain it forever, this is the treasure, this is the objective.

            The passion is not within the other. The other is only a catalyst sent by life, or me to speed up the opening of this energy gateway, it’s only an aid to help you to get to know the potential of passion inside yourselves...It doesn’t mean that you don’t need anybody. First of all, you need one another to rediscover God, or the Goddess, or the passion inside yourselves. Then, when you can maintain an awakened passion all of the time, you will need others to spread the beauty which you have discovered. But be careful! There is difference between needing another to share our happiness and needing another to be happy. The first is an ideal state of abundance; the second is a vicious state of lacking.


…        Passion is the conducting wire, it’s your “song line”, and it’s your map and your guide in the game of life. Your great passions are your main objectives, in the school of life they are your favorite subjects, the ones where you will be able to develop yourself and those through which you will be able to grow and better serve the world. Remember this: the great goal in life is to live impassioned for life, for the world, for yourself, and for someone special and so forth. This is what the objective of the walk is, and only those that follow the science will get there, or the conscience. We can’t talk about passion between men and women without first talking about the other passions, since they are all interconnected.



Good news: an eternal love exists!!! Big eternal loves exist; throughout the time that you are playing the game, through all the lives that you go pass through. However, there is someone in eternity, with whom you can achieve the highest vibration, the greatest experience . Your bodies were created in accordance with the search for this great experience. When you live through this magnificent experience, you become one with another person; you become vehicles of light and love energy …


The ones that understand that every moment is an energy challenge, an opportunity to elevate their own vibrations, and so, the vibration of everyone on the planet, they will understand that negative emotions have to be “broken” with positive actions, emotions and thoughts. This way, love is always the most intelligent response to any negative vibration. And this isn’t about religious morality. It’s about emotional intelligence, and the evolution of the human species.


Let’s take a look; real love doesn’t have anything to do with what you generally call love. When you talk about love, you are generally associating it with the constant search for security and form! And the “form” is conditioned love; it’s those things that you think have to be love, be it having a boyfriend, having a commitment or being married. The love that I am talking about, the true love, to love that is vibrant and lively, or rather, the passion, is beyond all forms! Observe this! This is what has caused all the great confusion in all your encounters. The woman looks for the most intense encounters, the one that gives the strongest emotional energy specific to passion and love. She looks for this instinctively, exactly as a female in the animal world looks for the best and strongest male to continue the race. The woman knows that the emotional sex gives one the most pleasure, and it’s the one that energetically elevates, and later the one that makes possible the birth of the best children. The problem of the woman is that she has the cultural conditioning that confuses the search for this kind of energy with the search for a supposed security that can never exist in her life, that being economic security, or any other type of security. Man, knows and feels this as well, but he has as his cultural conditioning, not being able to deal with his emotional world, and to give much importance to physical desires, which makes him content with a sex that is purely physical and very much bellow his energy capacities.



            We have arrived at a very important point. What hinders the encounters between men and women? What causes the physical encounter to not be all that it can be? The search for a form. The idea of possession and it doesn’t matter if it is emotional or physical possession. All of you confuse emotional sex; confuse the energy of passion with possessing! When you feel sex emotionally, when you get emotion making love, this is so intense, so all encompassing, so disconcerting, that you soon are looking for security, you use the other as a crutch for fear of loosing yourself in your own emotions! Man, for example, for fear of feeling, many times transforms the encounter into a form of masturbation through the woman. The woman for fear of the future and the insecurity of feeling without demands many times transforms the encounter into a form of salvation, that she attaches herself to in desperation.



            Well, you don’t have to do any of this. Live this moment. Find yourself, love first the human being, and love first the life that you see in the other person. Talk and communicate a lot, at many levels, and be sincere above anything else. You will do this if you see in one another a manifestation of life, or me, and this way you will always have respect, love, and care with those that you find. And from then on, don’t invent a form; don’t try to imagine how the other should be like and above anything else: never demand anything from one another! Pay close attention to this: love never demands or expects anything!



            Yes. We talk about liberty or detachment, as if they are the same thing. The moment you understand that you are spiritual beings, who have bodies and that you are living a physical experience, everything changes. Normally people think that they are a body that has a soul. A better perspective, one that widens the horizons, is to realize that you are really souls that have a body. From the moment that you feel this as a reality, you will stop attaching yourselves, and you will start living the essence of every moment, and you will start to enjoy the magic in every moment. The more intense love is only possible when you have this liberty, and real liberty is only possible when you have this love. Whoever loves to the max feels free and whoever feels free, loves. When I said that between a man and woman it’s not enough to have liberty to maintain a passionate vibration, I meant that, even though liberty in a relationship is an immense and necessary conquest, you can never forget that passion is something alive, it’s a flame that has to be fed. Many times this flame extinguishes itself for lack of care, and among these, one of the reasons for this could be the attachment to the idea of liberty!



            Attachment to liberty???


            Yes, attachment to the idea of liberty, attachment to detachment! When you understand the value of liberty, many times you transform it into an ideal. Ideas and ideologies are always dead concepts; they don’t follow the newness of every instance. A person that understands the science will never adopt a fixed position. To change one’s mind, which in your world is often seen as a bad thing, in the science it’s seen as a great liberty, the great flexibility that a person can possess. Every moment is different from the other, every moment asks for a different answer! I don’t mean that you have to be changing your mind every passing second, which would be very stressful. I mean that you should constantly re-examine what you think and above all else, that you feel and change when necessary, and that this is no cause for shame. What I mean to say is that in love it’s important that liberty and spirituality are above all else, but sometimes it’s good to be a little jealous and to lock you to the other!



            Now, I don’t understand anything. A little jealousy can be good? Didn’t you say that jealousy was a conditioned reaction?


            Most of the time, it is. Generally people get jealous because they think that the person owes them something, and this is a conditioned reaction. But there is another type of jealousy, the natural jealousy.



            Natural jealousy?


            Yes, it’s a pure energy matter. Let’s say that the person is living a great passion, which is a great meeting of energies. There is a great flow of energy between that person and the other. And suddenly this flow is cut off because the other person decides to direct their loving energy to another person. In this case, the first sensation that the person will naturally have will be one of absence that will manifest itself as strangeness, sadness or even anger!



            And what should be done in this case?


            Study the situation, and observe. Understand that, first, what you’re feeling is natural, it’s an energy problem. Understand that you should never give the responsibility for this to the other person, because what is happening is like an energy “test” that this person has to go through at this moment. From then on, the person can follow many paths. The person can talk to the other person about this when they have the opportunity. Don’t repress jealousy as if it were something ugly, confess your fragility! The strongest love is the one where you can express all the fragility. Demonstrate to yourselves and to the other that you want to overcome this, and do something to overcome it.



            But do what?


            Unfocus the energy. In the beginning it will be hard, but with time you will be able to manage your attention better. You will emotionally understand that you create the world you see, or rather, everything depends on the perspective that you adopt, or better yet, on what you decide to focus on at every moment! If you were focusing your energy on a person that, by their own free will, removed their focus from you, respect their liberty and remove your focus from that person, this instance! You could go swimming, do something beautiful, meet other people, and fill once again this lack of energy with divine energy, by reconnecting with me. What I am saying is essential. In a passionate encounter it’s important that none of the two people loose their “center” for too long.



            What is the center?


            The center is the connection with me, it’s the energy balance. It’s to understand and emotionally live the reality that, at the same time that you are interconnected beings connected and dependent on the whole; you are also independent individuals that carry everything inside yourselves. Or rather, in the practical side of love, it means to live fully all that surrounds us, without ever forgetting to maintain the balance inside yourselves. Like a man doing the high wire act! This is the best image to explain what you will achieve spiritually when you live with the science. The high wire is the world, the emotions, the passions, the events that have to be lived and felt to the max. But the strength to live them without being destroyed by them is inside the person, to be in connection with the divine process!



            But how do we endure the pain that we feel in those moments? Yes, because many times jealousy is very, very painful!


            By observing and understanding the pain. As I said, in the beginning it seems very hard, almost impossible, but with time and practice you’ll begin to understand that the pain is a natural process that you have to go through to go further. Whoever practices a sport knows this! An athlete that wants to be his best, or even a person that wants to stay in shape, knows that he or she has to endure a daily dose of pain. In the beginning this seems like a great burden and not motivating, with time though she comes to understand the pain as a part of the process of feeling well, and even learns to enjoy them!



            Isn’t this just a little masochistic?


            No, masochism is to focus the pain, and give continuation of it through thought. Pain is natural, jealousy is natural, but the important thing is not to focus on jealousy and to focus on love, or in well being, to have patience and persistence, and keep going. Whoever does this will inevitably discover an unbelievable sensation of liberty, that will reward him for the entire struggle! The true secret of success or happiness rests not in the absence of pain but in the enduring of painful states. To live fully, as I have said is to constantly overcome.


            When you start to live by practicing the dual perspective, as we said, you start to enter a new level of perception. Everything seems more interesting, every moment is more alive, and many times you will have a normal day, where nothing happens but you will have the sensation that you just went through a rich day. This is because you will begin to understand that the real treasure is in the moments, the real treasure is emotions and sensations! Observe this and you will pass the day feeling all different kinds of emotions! When you become aware of this, you will discover a new universe, richness unbounded inside yourselves, and this is a remarkable journey.



            People that meet each other under this kind of conscience and become impassioned perceive each moment of passion inside themselves and they take pleasure. As I said, the dance begins before the touch, and this is a very important truth. Two conscious and free persons, that understand the value of each moment, that respect liberty above all else, two people that meet like this will perceive an incredible energy in one another. They know, they know because they feel, that everything emotional that happens is not by chance, and everything that will happen depends on how they focus their own attention!



            This is how the dance starts: sometimes they focus their attention on one another and they will let the flow of energy happen. The eyes will meet and the energy will flow between them. Sometimes they will de-focus the energy to recuperate their own center. Everyone will have their own rhythm in this dance, and so the rhythms start to interact from the beginning, you should respect the rhythm of the other. Observe closely this process of getting closer with a person and you will understand that the energies of each person flow like the waves in the ocean. Attention! Sometimes the energies can recede for weeks or months! But if the energy connection is real and inevitable, they will inevitably return. Because, without forcing it, with much care and subtlety, one will feel for the other, one will search for the other and vice versa.




            You are always talking about the “experience or sex that is transcendental”. What is this?


            It’s the emotional experience of the activation of the energy inside you through sex. In the moment when two people can meet with all their chakras open and can reach a simultaneous orgasm, you elevate the vibration in a very concrete way. The great measurement of good sex is what happens afterwards. The good sex is the one that fills one with passionate love, it makes one laugh out loud, to grab the other person, to rub yourself against each other, to never come unglued from each other, to play with each other, dance with each other do crazy things, good sex gives an incredible energy. Transcendental sex can even open the door to extra sensorial perception! The sensibilities change, intuition becomes sharper, and unexpected things start to happen. The useless sex is the kind that drains you energetically, leaves you feeling dead, tired, and it softens the sensibilities, and makes you want to get away from the other and go wash yourself afterwards. I am not saying it’s bad, because sometimes it’s better to have an encounter such as this instead of isolating oneself and having no encounter at all. But when you are well maintained spiritually, when you no longer feel alone, when you can vibrate naturally day to day, you will begin to avoid the automatic sex, or rather, look for the transcendental sex. Besides, it’s not possible to avoid “doing” something automatically. If you can observe the automatic gestures, and when you can start to notice them, only then will you be able to do everything consciously, or rather, everything will be done with attention.


            Very well, you understood the great value in love encounters for the spiritual development. Never forget this deeper reason for finding yourselves! You find yourselves to help one another advance in the path of life. If you maintain the dual perspective always, you can adopt the form that is most appropriate for the moment. This could be marriage, living together, a friendship with benefits or having a boyfriend, and the manner chosen could be, in turn, liberty or “sexual fidelity”, or whatever it may be, but never get locked up in forms! Understand that true fidelity, the only one that is beyond time and any form, is the fidelity to oneself, the fidelity to what you feel and dream. If both practice this kind of fidelity, you will be naturally loyal to one another, without meaning that you will maintain the so-called “sexual loyalty”.


            Yes and how! Pay very close attention! Because what has been happening generally is that people have been stealing each other’s energies while in a relationship or living together. You have to understand that to live together is only worthwhile when you can achieve a high vibration with the one you live, and if you are not able to raise the energy all the time, you should be able to keep it high the majority of the time. Observe well your energies and the energy of others and take note if living together raises you both or not. This is very important! Many people get used to living with people that are “vampires” or people that drain them of their energy and this is a hard energy brake. I don’t mean that you can’t interact with people that don’t vibrate in the same way. Do interact with many kinds of people because every encounter that you have in the road of life will make you advance in some way, it will teach you something if you pay close enough attention. Interact but don’t waste energy. Don’t spend more time together than necessary, don’t get attached or create bonds unless those bonds are energetically compatible.


            I’ll say this: do some emotional exercises! Confess each day’s secrets, overcome pain and the difficulties, increase the strength of the heart muscles, and work on the flexibility of your perspectives, live different relationships! Live out all the moments fully, and with all the freedom you can! If you decide to practice fidelity, act in accordance to that, but if life calls in another direction, respect and accept the call of life in you and in the other! Observe! Don’t judge! Don’t be in a hurry to go back, don’t act on pride! Love the other as you would love yourself! Not more or less. Understand that this kind of thing can happen to one side or the other and there isn’t anything evil in that! If someone decides to love only one person and they suddenly find themselves loving two, what’s the problem? Why are you all so poor hearted that you can’t conceive the idea of loving two people? When you become aware that each one of you are a world unto yourselves, you will understand that it’s almost natural to love two people…It’s like loving two cities, two countries, two completely different dishes! It’s perfectly natural, instead of wanting to eat beans every day, to have the desire to diversify sometimes, even though you like beans! In love things aren’t much different…


Fill yourselves with this energy, become drunk on it, enrapture with it and, in fact, you will perceive that nothing can touch you. Things could physically touch you, but nothing can take away the strength that you carry inside. Only love can do that in your lives! And the science helps you understand how you can fill your lives with this energy...